Carrier Selection Guidelines


To be eligible to haul freight for Backhaul Direct, the carrier must:

  1. Have active common or contract carrier operating authority
  2. Not have broker or freight forwarder operating authority only
  3. Have active inter-state operating authority for at least one year

Special Circumstances: Carriers with Active Operating Authority less than one year, a reference check can be done to determine the carrier’s eligibility.

Carrier must:

  1. Have a satisfactory safety rating (carriers without a safety rating may be considered)
  2. Not have a conditional safety rating
  3. Never been issued an unsatisfactory safety rating or ordered out of service by the FMCSA or DOT

Carrier must not have any negative reports on the following carrier monitoring websites:

  1. Carrier 411
  2. Internet Truckstop
  3. TransCore’s CarrierWatch


The carrier will receive a new carrier setup form that MUST be filled out completely. Upon receipt of the completed form, the following will be inspected:

  1. The broker/carrier contract will be filled out and signed; no items can be changed without approval from Backhaul Direct management.
  2. The carrier has provided a copy of their operating authority and federal W-9 certificate.
  3. The carrier has provided proof of cargo and liability insurance. Minimum automotive insurance coverage is $100,000 USD. Minimum liability insurance coverage is $1,000,000 USD and adequate workers' compensation policies as required by law. Reefer breakdown insurance is required for all temperature-controlled loads.
  4. The Backhaul Direct carrier questionnaire is completed including all general contact and reference information.

Backhaul Direct will request to be named as a certificate holder from the carrier's insurance agent. When possible, Backhaul Direct will be named as Additional Insured. 

Other items may be requested from the carrier based on the type and requirements of the load.


Backhaul Direct cannot send rate confirmations to the carrier until all of the listed items are complete and submitted. Contact us for a detailed list of our Carrier Selection and Approval Guidelines.