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Why Backhaul?

Direct is more than just part of our name, it's our nature. We don't beat around the bush and we definitely don't do gimmicks.

Our process demands speed, reliability and consistency in every aspect of service and delivery. This high standard is maintained by our dedicated staff, who understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships and providing top-notch service with a personal touch. While our comprehensive transportation services may be complex, we promise to deliver your freight solution in the most direct way every time.

Backhaul Direct is proud to be selected for FourKites' Q1 2021 Premier Carrier List. Please click the button below to read more about this great accomplishment.

FourKites' Q1 2021 Premier Carrier

How We're Different

We are committed to delivering peace of mind with every shipment. We can guarantee that your load is in good hands because we only work with the best. That’s the Backhaul advantage.

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Modes Of Transport

Your shipment is important to us. Our modes of transport will allow for a safe, timely and cost effective route for delivery.

Full Truckloads

A full truckload has 24 pallets and weighs a whopping 42,000 lbs or more. Our two main truckloads are Dry Vans and Refrigerated Loads.

Dry Vans

Dry vans are the Mr. All Purpose of our service offerings. They are by far the most common mode of transport we operate because they can ship just about anything in a timely manner.

Refrigerated Loads

These specialized and high-tech trailers maintain a precise temperature to protect the integrity of the load as well as consumers. Whether we are hauling produce, frozen food, or commodities sensitive to extreme heat or cold, we offer top-notch customer service to ensure your temperature-controlled freight arrives safely and on time.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

When you don’t have a full load, LTL’s allow you to transport smaller loads by sharing the haul with other shippers. This can be a cost effective way for our customers to ship and split the cost of a haul.


With a portfolio of regional and long-haul LTL carriers we can utilize our relationships to provide our customers with fast and reliable options for their less-than-truckload needs.

Intermodal Transport

We facilitate the transitions between barge, air, ship, rail or any combination of the four modes of transportation to allow more flexibility within our supply chain. We also specialize in shipments requiring drayage where we manage the shipment through multiple modes of transportation, helping you save time and money.


Using multimodal transport, we can reduce our carbon footprint substantially by relying on rail or ships to move freight instead of diesel or other fuels.

We are all about keeping our planet clean and green, which is one reason why we are a proud partner of SmartWay – an EPA program that reduces transportation–related emissions by improving supply chain fuel efficiency.

Additional Offerings

Sometimes our customers need a little extra help. Our experts can assist you with any specialized offerings that you may need. We’re here to serve you.

Technology Solutions

Our diverse team of IT professionals will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Grapevine Transportation Management System

Our integrated customer workspace allows us to put you in the driver seat; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a customer, we think you should be privy to all of the information about your business. Our real-time load tracking allows you to monitor every mile so you know your goods are safe and sound until they arrive at the final destination.

International Shipping

Shipping internationally can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With Backhaul Direct, the process can be painless and cost effective allowing us to be the experts. We are a certified Ocean Freight Forwarder and work with a variety of co-loaders and directly with VOCCS (Vessel Operating Common Carriers) to ensure safe, timely and proper delivery of your goods via ship, plane or truck to every major port in the world. Proper transportation formalities and documentation requirements are our bread and butter and are met with every shipment. Backhaul Directs international services makes it an attractive NVOCC choice.Whether it’s Shanghai or Seattle, let us help you with your importing or exporting needs.

Backhaul Direct Dedicated

Through our asset light model, we will be able to offer trailers on dedicated lanes for our customers. No need to worry about not having equipment on site; we can get it there.

Flatbed Loads

To anticipate your unique shipping demands, we work with our carrier base to find the right equipment for the job whether that be step deck, low boy, over-sized or over-dimensional equipment.

Hazmat Loads

We are hazmat certified with U.S Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to move cargo via ground, air, and ocean transport. Shipping hazardous materials can be tricky. Let us handle it.

Expedited Loads

On the ground, we expedite the process by using one truck from point-A to point-B, cutting out any unnecessary reloading and handling time. When ground transportation is not quick enough, we put it on a plane to meet your tight turnarounds on long distance shipments.


As your business grows, you may find yourself needing alternate warehousing options. Consider Backhaul for your warehousing and inventory management needs. We offer customized solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.


Need to ship a vehicle? Put BHD in the driver's seat. BHDrive can get your vehicles from point A to point B, worry free.

Claims Processing

Our team works diligently on the front-end to minimize every foreseeable risk when handling your freight. While we can’t see into the future, our experienced team is well-versed in the preventative actions associated with moving all types of freight from standard LTL’s to highly specialized loads.

Despite our meticulously laid plans, accidents do happen. When they do, our claims processing team goes into overdrive to resolve the matter with the carrier in the most efficient way possible.


Today's world is driven by data. BHD prides itself on being innovators in data gathering and analysis. If KPIs and Business Intelligence drives your business decisions, BHD's team of data analysts will provide in-depth custom reports to keep your business moving forward.

In Progress

We are continually looking for ways to expand our offering to meet the needs of our customers in the ever-changing marketplace. By listening to and understanding your business needs, we will continue to create solutions for the next steps in your business.

Here To Serve

Whether you are launching a new product, moving warehouses, liquidating, shipping last minute holiday freight, or simply looking for a truck, our dedicated team will customize a timely transportation management plan for your specific needs. We take the guess work out of logistics.

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