Our Fundamentals

A company is only as strong as its fundamental core. Our core is what sets us apart and makes it so we are a company that can endure anything that comes our way. While our success has shifted the way we look, our company values remain unchanged. No matter if we are in a 12,000-square foot office or working remotely, our fundamentals are unwavering. Backhaul Direct fundamentals keeps us in business and allows us to serve our clients for many years to come.


To provide innovative and personalized supply chain solutions to our clients.


To be the trusted service provider of choice no matter where the needs of our clients may take us.

Cultural Beliefs

Embrace the Grind: Supply chain is a 24/7 lifestyle, and there are no shortcuts. We grind each and every day to serve the needs of our clients.

Work Hard, Play Harder: We are not here to just collect a paycheck. We are here to provide exceptional live for our families and to give back to those in need in our communities. To achieve everything you want in life, you must put in the effort.

Act as If: Your future is only limited by your own imagination. If you think you will never be more than what you see yourself as today, then you have sold yourself short. If you want to reach new heights, then act as if you can.

Think Big or Go Home: Our jobs require thought; you cannot just go through the motions to be successful. Our teams think big, hairy, and audacious thoughts to remain relevant and be at the forefront of our industry.

Continuous Improvement: Never settle for the status quo. We will continue to push the bar in terms of efficiency and leverage our technology to automate as much of the thoughtless work as possible. Let the machines do the machine work and let our people do the people work.

Culture Based on Team and Integrity: Always do the right thing by the BHD team while keeping the overall company's health in mind as the top priority.